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Trek Audio clips are a collection of talks given at devotionals, firesides, and re-enactments.
Thank you to all the speakers who each inspired and taught us!

Dave Wright Dave Wright - Dan Jones Cove
"A Testimony of My Ancestors Who Suffered Here"

Bishop Lund Bishop Lund - Dan Jones Cove
"Seeking the Savior as My Refuge"

President McKay President McKay - Martins Cove River Crossing
"The Rescue"

Bishop Barton Bishop Barton - Jammerman Devotional - Martin Company
"In Every Condition"

Bishop Smith Bishop Smith
Jammerman Devotional - Willey Company
Angee Gardiner Angee Gardiner - Women's Pull - Martin Company
"We Are Strong"

Roger Gardiner Roger Gardiner - Women's Pull - Martin Company
"Honor Women"

Jody Ross Jody Ross - Women's Pull - Willey Company
"We Are Strong"

Brandon Ross Brandon Ross - Women's Pull - Willey Company
"Honor Women"

President Johnson President Johnson - Rocky Ridge - Willey Company
"The Rock of Our Redeemer, Our Foundation"

President Harris President Harris - Rocky Ridge - Martin Company
"The Rock Upon Which Ye Are Built"

Bishop Rigby Bishop Rigby - Nielsen Re-enactment - Willey Company
"Fear Not, I Am With Thee"
(Note: See re-enactment video for Todd and Julie Millers' testimonies)
Bishop Soderberg Bishop Soderberg - Nielsen Re-enactment - Martin Company
"Fear Not, I am With Thee"
(Note: See re-enactment video for Marvin and Jolyn Ellis' testimonies)
Bishop Soderberg Bishop Morrell - Strawberry Creek Crossing
"Archibald McPhail"

John Sundloff John Sundloff - Rescuer Fireside

President McKay Becky Schmutz - Rescuer Fireside
"James and Joseph Kirkwood"

Steve Schmutz Steve Schmutz - Rescuer Fireside
"I Had A Dream"

Bishop Chilcote Bishop Chilcote - Rock Creek Hollow
"Satan Will Have No Power Over You"

President McKay President McKay - Rock Creek Hollow
"Take a Stand in This Holy Place"


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