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Reading the Book of Mormon

Our whole objective of Trek is to bring us closer to Christ. We chose the theme How Firm a Foundation to help strengthen our personal testimonies and reliance on the foundation of Christ. Reading the Book of Mormon, which is another testimony of Christ, is the very best way to deepen our testimony of Christ. .

As part of our spiritual preparation for trek, we are asking each trekker to begin now to increase your study of the Book of Mormon. Please take a look at what you are doing now in your scripture study habits and set a personal goal to increase your Book of Mormon study. As you study the Book of Mormon for Trek, do it with a desire to strengthen your foundation on Christ. Really think about this, decide what you can do, write it down and commit to this personal goal.

We bare testimony that as you put sincere effort into this study of the Book of Mormon, that you will gain a greater testimony of Christ. We know as you do this, your Trek experience will become even more meaningful to you.