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President Uchtdorf
- President Uchtdorf

Personal Progress - Standing as a Witness of God
Your Pioneer Trek experiences are of interest to many people. Your parents and grand-parents, brothers and sisters, even extended family members and friends of other faiths will enjoy listening to your Trek stories. Trek videos, pictures, and talks are provided to help you remember those experiences. They are also provided to help you share your testimony.

Many Young Women Value Projects and Value Experiences (see below) relate to Family History and sharing the gospel. Discuss with your parents and Young Women Leaders how you might plan a project that fulfills your Young Women goals using what you have learned on Trek. For example, make a video or slide show that expresses appreciation for your ancestors, your heritage, and how your testimony grew on Trek. Or more simply, share your heart-felt testimony of the Savior. Just let your voice be heard!

Missionary Service
Many missionaries have found that Trek can be a teaching tool. Trek videos, pictures, and talks encourage all to come unto the Savior. Investigators are interested in the experiences that helped shape the character of young men and young women who are missionaries. They are also interested in Family History and Heritage. In many areas of the world this media is available to them on the Internet. But, you don't have to wait until you are called to serve a mission. You can begin to share your testimony now, even creating content that can be used now and later, to bless the lives of others.

Visit: Sharing the Gospel on LDS.org to learn more. Explore the links in the column on the right to get ideas about how you might share your testimony.

Explore the links in the column on the right to get ideas about how you might share your testimony.

How will you be a Modern-day Pioneer?


Faith - Value Project p. 18
Take a family history class in your ward or branch. Collect existing stories of your relatives or other who have demonstrated faith, or interview family members or other and record their stories.

Individual Worth - Value Experiences p. 31
When you participate in family history, you come to understand your identity and individual worth. Visit with your relatives to learn as much information about your family history as possible. Then complete a pedigree chart of your family and list the temple ordinances that have been completed for each person.

Individual Worth - Value Project p.34
Compile your personal or family history using journal entries, pictures, and important papers.

Good Works - Value Experiences p.56
Through your good works, others will see your example and my want to know more about the gospel. Pray for a missionary experience. Invite a member of the Church or one who is less active to go with you to a Church meeting or activity. Introduce your friend to others, and make sure he or she is involved. Share your testimony of the gospel, and invite him or her to come again.

“With so many social media resources... sharing the good news of the gospel is easier and the effects more far-reaching than ever before.”

Let Your Voice Be Heard
Click on a link below to learn more about how you can share your testimony:

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