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President Uchtdorf
- President Uchtdorf

Young men and young women today are growing up in a connected world. The skills they have developed to reach out and touch large groups of friends are truly impressive. At the same time, the Church has created online tools that tap into the social media circles our young men and young women use and understand. We have each been invited to let our voices be heard and share our testimonies with those seeking the gospel...online.

Many youth describe Trek as “Amazing”. We witnessed the Spirit touch them and saw their hearts turned ever more towards the Savior and to their “Fathers”. President McKay issued the challenge for each of us to “Remember” (see the Part2 video) as we made a personal covenant to “Take a Stand, in this Holy Place”. As you watch the videos, listen to the talks, and review the pictures of Trek you can experience some of the feelings of Trek, and you may ask; “What stand would I take?” You may also wonder, “What stand did my son or daughter take?”

Trek media is available to help with: Personal Progress and Duty to God projects (see For Young Women and For Young Men). As our youth prepare for missions they will study “Preach My Gospel”. In Chapter 5, Laws and Ordinances they will learn to teach about the Temple and Family History. For many, finding an ancestor for Trek was their first experience with Family History. Here are some ideas for family activities that will teach Family History by experience not just by study:

Trek Media and Sharing the Gospel

  • Help your son or daughter record their Trek experience and testimony.
  • Write a script, download Trek media and produce your own Trek video or slide show.
  • Share either or both using Sharing the Gospel tools.

Family Search and The Overland Trail

  • Create a four-generation group sheet for each child (missionaries are asked to have one).
  • Create the Family Tree and Ancestor Fan.
  • Continue researching pioneer ancestors, download pioneer journals published with each company.

Relative Finder
Identifying who you are and who you are related to changes personal perspective. Here are three of my experiences:

  • I created a portfolio for each of my three children for their missions showing how they were related to people listed in each of the Relative Finder categories (see below). While serving her mission in Poland my daughter asked me to research my Scandinavian ancestry further back (14-20 generations) and I did find that she was related to five Polish leaders. This knowledge gave her a greater sense of purpose in her calling to serve the people of Poland.
  • I was assigned to speak one July in the South Bench Ward. I requested the information I needed to research our ancestral relationships for each of the Bishopric members and their wives. I was searching for common relatives who were signers of the Declaration of Independence. Three signers were common relatives to many of us. The efforts and struggle for our nation’s independence became personal. I came away with an increased sense of closeness to the Bishopric and years later we still remember that day.
  • I gave a nicely bound copy of research containing the relationships of my six siblings to each of our spouses, as a gift. Previously, I had studied how the extended family of Joseph Smith influenced the restoration, even across multiple generations. You can see the hand of the Lord guiding families. This was also evident in my family.

These tools are easy to use. They bring the Spirit of Elijah into our lives and create experiences that need to be shared!

Relative Finder - Default Categories
Book of Mormon Witnesses, Current Apostles, Declaration Signers, Early Apostles,Early LDS, Eight Witnesses,European Royalty, Famous Americans,Famous Europeans, Famous LDS, Famous Writers, Hodgett Wagon, Hunt Wagon, LDS Hymn, LDS Pioneers, Mayflower, Martin Handcart Company, Military Explorers, Past Seventies, Prophets, Prophets Wives, Rescuers, Reformers, Science and Technology, Seventy, Three Witness, U.S. Presidents, Willie Handcart Company

“With so many social media resources... sharing the good news of the gospel is easier and the effects more far-reaching than ever before.”

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