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President Uchtdorf
- President Uchtdorf

Since our last Trek in 2008 the world has changed. There were few smart phones, no viable tablets, and no one knew what social media was. That has all changed now. Today, our youth are fully immersed and live their lives in that space… for both good and bad. Along the way, the Church has developed an incredible Internet presence creating opportunities for each of us to reach out and share our testimonies to the world.

We are invited to do so.

The 2012 Trek Historical Committee captured and published the experiences of Trek for use as a resource in teaching, family activities, Duty to God and Personal Progress projects, and missionary work. Please visit the; For Young Women, For Young Men, and For Parents links for information and ideas about how to build upon and use the Trek experience.

Ideas for Bishops and Youth Leaders

Realizing Covenant Blessings
The messages given by all our leaders on Trek were truly inspired. President McKay charged us with “Remembering” and put us under covenant to “Take a Stand in this Holy Place”. We need to revisit the teaching moments of Trek and review the personal covenant made there - there were blessings promised to us as we do our part.

Preparing Youth for Missions
With the increased interest to serving missions by both Young Men and Young Women, the time to prepare is shorter than ever. Our youth don’t have to wait until they are 18 or 19 to do missionary work. Please review Sharing the Gospel and the links (at right) about how our youth and families can share their testimonies today.

While serving missions our youth will teach about Families, Covenants, Temple Work, and Family History. The messages of Trek are full of examples of these principles and doctrines, especially as they bring us to the Savior. Since Trek media content is online and reachable throughout the world, it is a teaching resource available while serving a mission, especially if the missionary personalizes the content now. As their leader, Trek media can be used in teaching “how to teach”. My experience is that, “our friends of other faiths” have a great interest in the Trek experience; it generates discussion and creates teaching opportunities.

Creating Community
Other than the gospel itself, no single tool that I have used has had greater power to create a sense of belonging within a disparate group of people, than Relative Finder. People are naturally interested in how they are related to famous people. They are also interested in how they are related to each other. It has been estimated that more than 25% of the early church converts had a common ancestor within just a few generations. As we follow their conversion stories we begin to see the Hand of the Lord working within family groups. That work continues. Through our ancestors, it helps identify why we are together here, and what our purpose is as a family... and as group of saints.

It is part of the Spirit of Elijah and has the power to turn our hearts to good. It can be used to bring a Beehive class or Teachers Quorum closer together. Also, researching the relationship of members of the class, to a person or event being studied, is far more memorable teaching. It also has a lasting influence in creating interest in Family History work. Discover and use it!

“With so many social media resources... sharing the good news of the gospel is easier and the effects more far-reaching than ever before.”

Let Your Voice Be Heard
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Helpful Resources
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