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Calendar of Events

April 8th Trek Registration Begins

Within the next several weeks
Trek "Pep Rally"—This is an opportunity for youth leaders to coordinate with the Ma's and Pa's of their ward to bring youth (and parents, if desired) together to talk about the excitement of trek, address concerns, and offer counsel. This would be a terrific forum to show one or both of the trek video clips.

April - Ward Combined YM/YW Activity
As a ward combined YM/YW activity or class activity: We would like to encourage all the youth to watch the movie, 17 Miracles, to prepare for our Stake Standards night with its director, TC Christensen.

April 29th - Stake Standards Night
5:00 p.m. Stake Center
TC Christensen will discuss what he learned about the faith of the members of the Martin/Willie companies as he wrote, directed, and edited the movie 17 Miracles.

A Saturday in June or July
Walk to the Bountiful Temple and back, starting at the Bountiful City Park (approximately 5 miles roundtrip). We will be doing this as individual wards instead of as a stake to avoid traffic problems. Ward YM/YW leaders should coordinate a time together to do this. This activity should conclude with a spiritual message at the end of this walk at the park. All ward youth and adults (including Ma's and Pa's) participating on trek are encouraged to do this as part of their physical preparedness.

August 12th Pre-Trek Fireside

August 13th-16th Trek